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Weightnot Reviews - How Much Does Weightnot Cost?

WeightNot Overview

WeightNot is a diet program that is designed for people who wants to transform their body and lose extra weight. It does this with the help of its therapeutic nutrition system that will enable an individual to have proper control on his eating habit. The company name is WeightNot and so this name is given to this program. It is originated in 2010. The company is located in 6600 Rockledge Drive, Suite 300, Bethesda, MD 20817, USA. The main aim of this company is to help people lose extra pounds. It teaches people how to transform their health and also how to maintain weight for a longer time. Following this program countless people have been successfully living with their totally transformed body.

WeightNot Program Details

WeightNot is scientifically based on two types of programs that include the same principles and components.

Flex Program

This is a flexible program that has been chosen by many people. It is a monthly subscription plan and under it you can successfully lose 5 to 10 pounds every month. It a reliable and consistent fat loss program and you can join it online at which ever time feasible for you. It per day cost is $2 to $4. An individual following this program moves through three program stages:
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  • Detoxification
  • Fat burning
  • Maintenance
It helps an individual to achieve his weight loss goal and keep the weight off.

Flex program includes the following conditions:

  • An individual has to complete a 2 day fast. In this he has to consume nutrient dense drinks
  • Following a modified calorie diet that includes only natural foods
  • Refraining artificial sweeteners, processed carbohydrates and alcohol in the first week
  • Performing non strenuous activity regimen every day
The members of this program receive dietary guides as well as educational materials.

Intensive program

This weight loss program involves following two alternatives: Accelerated or Healthipace Under this an individual loses 2 to 3 pounds every week. It enforces accelerated weight reduction. It is a 2 to 3 months course and it’s per day cost is $8. Rapid or HealthiFast Under this an individual loses 3 to 6 pounds in a week. It enforces rapid weight reduction. It is a 3 to 6 months course and it’s per day cost is $11. Intensive programs include following five stages:
  • Remove
  • Reduce
  • Restore
  • Refrain
  • Maintain

Good about WeightNot

  • It is a medically designed Weight Loss Plan built on Nutrition Lipolysis Principles
  • It involves two weight loss programs Flex and Intensive that helps to follow a proper regime to lose unwanted pounds
  • You can pick any program according to your budget and weight loss goal
  • It helps to overcome emotional eating and improves the health condition
  • It teaches effective ways to transform your body and to maintain weight
  • An individual develops a habit of healthy eating and he chooses only natural foods and prohibits artificial foods
  • It offers 3 balanced meals daily along with a Recipe Guide

Bad about WeightNot
  • According to many individuals both weight loss programs are far expensive. $2 to $4 for Reflex and $ 8 to $11 for intense programs prevents people from continuing this weight loss plan
  • For Many individuals this weight loss plan didn’t work effectively
  • It's just a strict very low-calorie and low-carb diet
  • In this weight loss plan every portion of food is thoroughly weighed
  • The calories in the diet include 800 to 1200, which fall under a very-low-calorie diet range, as a result it is very difficult to follow

WeightNot the Bottom Line
People who have been unsuccessful on diet plans in the past, tried WeightNot that involves two types of programs, each having its own terms and conditions. It is not easy to follow as one has to stick on strict diet which is 800 to 1200 calorie intake per day. The Reflex program is a monthly subscription plan that cost $2 to $4 per day. Whereas the Intensive programs is a course of 2 to 7 months and the cost starts from $2 to $14 per day. It takes lot of time and money. There are mixed reviews about this weight loss plan. Very few individuals are seen satisfied with it and for most of them it didn’t worked at all. There are many unsuccessful weight loss programs that have frustrated lots of people. One such weight loss plan is Weight Watchers, people complain of regaining their lost weight after some time. Another one is a Grapefruit Diet that consisted of a salad with lemon juice dressing and grapefruit. It is a wreck on the digestive system and so not very popular. These unsuccessful weight loss programs are only a waste of time and money.

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